Welcome to the NEW Posh Point of View

So elevens year ago this month, I started the Posh Point of View blog. I had no idea what I was doing or getting into but I was a new mom and found this online community of other moms that I fell in love with. Being a blogger was very excited! It was new so most people didn’t “get it” when I said I was a blogger. Very quickly, I found my tribe of women. They were then called “Mommy Bloggers”. I feel like now “Influencer” is the term used. My handle was Keep It Classy Jen.

So Posh Point of View use to be my daily blog that reviewed a ton of baby and family associated products. Then things grew pretty quickly and somehow I created an online community on Ning called The Classy Closet. It was a basically a smaller version of Facebook for a specific group of people. You had your own profile, could post discussions, and ask other women questions of momhood! With growing quickly in the blogosphere as we called it, there was growing pains. Learning the ins and outs. Video blogging/Vlogging was my strength. Popping on and sharing my life as it was…then. It was great! I had the opportunity to speak at some amazing blogger conferences(SITScation and Blogalicious). I also attended Blogher and embraced this online community IRL and build some amazing relationships. I had a MomTV show(thanks Maria Bailey) and hosted a BlogTalkRadio Show, Chicks Who Chat. Things were going great in my growth of my online work. The problem is when you are ONline, you feel like you always have to be ON. Well, that all fine and games until things in your life shift. And they did for me. So, I didn’t want my very private life to unfold online. I basically walked away from my work online. And in the end I am okay with that.

I missed it though. A lot. I missed the connections, the relationships with people and brands, and I missed having MY outlet. I think the way of social media has grown so much that everyone shows a portion of their life online. So, I’m ready to be back. So share my life as much as I choose to.

I am a creature of habit so you will find the same content here as before just the updated version! Faith , Family, Food, Fitness and Fashion/Beauty, and Photography…my lifestyle.


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